DIY: D&G inspired sunglasses


I’ve been drooling over these red and pink Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses since last spring, but I just can’t seem to justify spending $100 on them.  I decided to take matters into my own hands and recreate the look with an old pair of sunnies.




This is a pair of brown Xhilaration sunglasses bought from Target a few years back. They are a little tattered with some minor scratch marks, but they have a nice shape, very similar to the D&G glasses from the front.



I used the same Mod Podge (Gloss-Lustre) from the glitter project, bright red and light pink acrylic paint, and a paint brush. Basically, I just applied three coats of paint onto the glasses letting it dry in between.  I topped it off with a coat of Podge to give it some refulgence.




Ta-da!! I’m thrilled with the result.  I love this color combo – been wearing red and pink together for years, and now fashion has finally caught up. Have a nice weekend everyone!

DIY: Glitter Shoes!

These exquisite Miu Miu booties were the inspiration for this DIY project. There is no way I will ever spend $850 on a pair of shoes, no matter how gorgeous they are.  So I thought about how I could recreate the glittery look with a pair of my old shoes that have been gathering dust in the back of my closet.  I had a stash of barely used champagne holiday glitter that would come in handy.

Well, I found the shoes! This is a pair of pukey green and brown Steve Madden wedges circa 2006.  I have not worn them since last year, and they are in dire need of some TLC before I adorn my feet with these drab, tassled height enhancers.  I realize that the tiered fringe might be an added challenge, but we have to work with what we have, right?

My supplies:

1. glitter

2. pink spray paint

3. Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre (a glue/sealant/finish all-in-one purchased at Michael’s)

4. paint brush

5. sandpaper



First, I scuffed the wood part of the shoe with sandpaper to prep for the spray paint.  I didn’t take too much time with this step- just enough that the paint would stick to the shoe. I sprayed one coat of paint onto the wood part of the shoe (make sure you do this outside). I was so surprised how great the shoes looked with just that one simple change!  I wasn’t too careful with the paint because it didn’t really matter if I painted the other parts of the shoe -it would be covered with glitter anyway.  I let the shoes stand for 30 minutes to dry and ate some lunch.

Next, I combined equal parts glitter and Mod Podge into a bowl and mixed with the brush. After a thorough mixing, I painted the mixture onto the green suede parts of the shoe.  It would have been nice if I had tape to cover the pink wooden part, but I didn’t have any, so I just had to be extra careful where the suede meets the wood.  Don’t worry, it will apply as a white goop, but it will dry clear so the glitter will show.  I noticed that it has a tendency to be clumpy, so make sure you blend it out well with your brush. You may need to touch-up areas that you missed once the shoe has dried (drying time about 30 minutes to 1 hour), or you may need to do another coat depending on how glittery you want your shoes and how glittery your mixture is.  If you notice some clumps once the glitter has dried, you can sand them out.  I rubbed the sandpaper along the edges just to smooth out any rough areas that might scratch my feet.

OH snap- check them out! Not bad. It looks like I bought them this way. The glitter does not come off! I started with the sandpaper around 2 pm, and I had these on my feet by 5 pm.  You can also glitterize the entire shoe, and forgo the spray paint.  This would be a fun project to do with a pair of platform pumps, canvas sneakers, or ballet flats.  Oh the possibilities! I’m a happy girl. Continue reading

NOTD: The Gossip Girl

OK, so I’ve gone a little nuts with the nail polish these days, but there is something so uplifting about staring down at your hands and seeing these girly little fingernails.  I cannot wear polished nails to work, so when I am off, I go BIG! I also think nail art looks better on short nails. Long nails are too overwhelming for me and take away from the “cuteness”.  I saw this design on Bright Lights, Big Color’s blog, who I guess saw it on tumblr.  She is a little more talented in the art department, so I decided to simplify the design a little.


What I used:

Polish: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 200 Strobe Light, 340 Mint Sorbet, & 370 Black Out; Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in 120 Whirlwind White; Sally Hansen Double Duty Top Coat

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in Light Pink, White, & Black

Step by Step:

1.  Apply two coats of nail polish onto clean nails. Strobe Light on my thumb (see pic above) required FOUR coats.  It looks better if you do not match your hands.  For example, paint your your left thumb with Strobe Light and your right thumb with Mint Sorbet, etc.  Let polish dry COMPLETELY.

2.  Using your nail art pens, or you can also use toothpicks or dotting tool, draw designs on nails.  Let it dry COMPLETELY.

3.  Finish with clear top coat to seal your design.  Do not skip this step! Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Big Bang Theory

Just a quick post to show you the blunt bangs I cut yesterday.  I normally have longer side-swept bangs to soften my face, but I wanted a more structured, dramatic look to compliment a dress that I was going to wear to a wedding. Yes, I cut my hair to compliment an outfit.  I do it all the time.  Turns out I ended up cutting my bangs but not wearing the dress.  So it looks like I will be channeling my inner Zooey Deschanel this fall season.

DIY:  After blow drying, I held flat sections in my left hand (in between my middle and index fingers) and cut across (below my fingers) with my right hand using a pair of sharp scissors, making sure that the bangs would fall just below my eyebrows.  I then took random little tiny upward nips so it wouldn’t be too straight.  I suggest cutting little by little until you reach your desired length because there is nothing worse than cutting your bangs way too short.  To style, I take a giant round brush and blow dry them straight up to add volume.  Then I just comb them down and spray with hairspray.  If I flat iron my hair like I did in the picture, I turn the flat iron heat down to 275 degrees and quickly iron them in small sections.  These are high maintenance bangs (at least on me they are) because my hair likes to curl in all the wrong places.  I MUST spray them in place before heading out the door.  They are fun though, and it is an inexpensive way to change up your look.    Have a great week everyone!

NOTD: The Crop Circles

Here is a fun nail art project for you to try for the weekend. It was a pretty simple task using my beloved Sally Hansen nail art pens. I thought drawing the designs with my left hand would be impossible, but with slow strokes it was a breeze!

Here is what I used (click on photos to enlarge):

Nail polish: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in 340 Mint Sorbet, 150 Sun Kissed, and 420 Pacific Blue; Revlon Nail Enamel in 762 Plum Attraction and 912 Posh Pink; Sally Hansen Double Duty Top Coat

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in White, Bright Blue, Light Pink, and Black

Nail art pens were purchased individually at Walgreens and Ulta.


1. Apply (2) coats of polish onto nails – a different color for each finger. Pick random colors that are somewhat different from each other.  When you first paint the polish on, it will look weird, but trust me, it will look cute once you are all done. I found it looks better if you do not match your hands (paint your two thumbs different colors, etc.- see the above pic, the middle box is my left hand, the right box is my right hand). Let it dry completely.

2. Using the nail pens, draw tribal designs on top of DRY polish. If you think it will help, practice drawing the designs on paper first. If the nail pen is brand new, push the tip of the pen down onto a piece of scrap paper to bring the polish to the tip before trying to draw on the nail.  Nail pens are only for drawing over dry nail polish, not on bare nails.  Let pen art dry completely.

3. Apply top coat to seal the design.  DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.  Without the top coat, the pen art will not adhere to the nail.  Let top coat dry and enjoy the compliments!

The ABCs of Me

Learn more about me by reading my ABCs:

Apple or PC: Mac and will never go back!
Best physical feature: triceps
Chores I hate: emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the shower, folding/hanging laundry
Dogs: none, but we do have a cat and bunny at the moment
Essential start to my day: glass of water, green smoothie, and stretch
Favorite color: pink
Gold or silver: I refuse to choose- gold AND silver together
Height: 5’2″
Instruments I play: piano, guitar
Job title: fitness instructor, health coach, RN
Kids: none
Lifesaver color/flavor: orange
Make of car: Scion tC
Nicknames: I go by Reese, but I’ve also been called “T”
Office character most like me: Kelly Kapoor
Pet peeves: people who work in healthcare who lead UNhealthy lifestyles
Quote from a movie: “Hey guys. Big gulps, huh? Alright. Well see ya later.” and “We’ve      got no food, we’ve got no job, our pets HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!” and “Hey guys,  when’s the next Haley’s comet?”
Random: I try not to match on purpose (matchy-matchy is bad people!)
Siblings: two brothers – Jay and Paul, one sister – Romelle
TV show: the Bachelor/ette
University attended: UNF
Vacation: US cross country road trip to Grand Canyon with Joe
What makes me run late: hair or outfit
X-rays: just dental X-rays
Year I got married: 2007
Zodiac sign: Cancer the crab

Have a wonderful day everyone!

coo-coo for coco

Dehydrated? Coconut water to the rescue! When I hit the gym to workout, I sweat more than any man, so much that I can ring-out my pony tail like a wet wash cloth afterwords. While good old fashioned H2O is usually my drink of choice, I’ve also been sipping coconut water to combat electrolyte imbalances before and/or after a mean date with the spin bike.  I’ve read so many reviews and articles on this stuff, I thought I’d sum up all of its potential benefits for you:

- All natural, sterile isotonic beverage with naturally occurring electrolytes – the ultimate rehydrating machine.  Apparently, it is used as IV fluid in third world countries and was used for emergency plasma transfusions during the Pacific War. Today it is consumed by college students worldwide to combat hangovers.  It also has the potassium of two bananas.

- Boosts your metabolism, promotes weight loss, and aids digestion.  It contains natural anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties.

- Low in carbs, low in calories, low in fat, and low in naturally occurring sugar.

- Promotes healthy skin and hair.

- Promotes healthy thyroid function.  It is also used as an aid for kidney stones, gallbladder disease, and yeast infections.

Now i’ve read conflicting reports, many singing the praise of coconuts, but some are remaining skeptical.  Some reports state that coconut water is not the best drink after strenuous exercise because it does not replenish enough sodium, which we know is lost when you sweat.  Going off of how I feel, however, I would say that coconut water has really helped me feel better and energized after exercise.  If you are really worried about the sodium, you can munch on some salty pretzels while you drink your coconuts.  As for the taste, I am a fan (wouldn’t describe the taste as “sock-like”). It is a little sweet with a little tartness somewhere in there, and yay, you get to drink out of a box.