Hair How-to: The Sock Bun

Normally, my hair bun is pretty wimpy, but I’ve learned a secret. Hide a rolled-up sock inside the bun, and it looks like you’ve got a beautiful cinnamon roll of hair on top of your head. If you would like to know how to get a Cinnabon of hair on your head, watch the tutorial below. Enjoy!

DIY: Chair Makeover

My mom bought this chair for me when I was in grade school, and unfortunately it has been tucked away in storage for the past decade. I had a sudden urge to makeover a piece of furniture, and this chair was the first thing to pop into my mind. It’s not a bad looking chair, but I thought it needed a little more pizazz. It looked sad and neglected, so I decided to give it some much needed attention. I had a brand new chair in a few hours. Continue reading

DIY: Jar Lamp

This is an effortless DIY that creates a charming ambiance – a strand of christmas lights in a bottle. That’s it.

I used a large pink jar, but you can use any glass container (clear or colored) that can fit christmas lights (also clear or colored) through the top. I’ve seen this done with wine bottles and those huge, clear pickle jars. Brilliant!

So get your christmas lights out of the attic and into some bottles people! Enjoy :)

Hair How-to: Deep Waver

Deep wavers (giant crimping irons) create deep, sculpted waves and beautiful texture – basically, a straight-haired girl’s dream. You don’t need an expensive one, either. My Vidal Sassoon waver that I bought at Walgreens years ago is still going strong. Check out the video below for a demonstration. Oh, and say hello to my little Bun. He loves the camera.

OOTD: The Rainbow Runner

Okay, so not exactly an outfit, but my New Balance 890s deserve their own post. These are the shoes Rainbow Brite would wear if she were a runner…or a real person. Without fail, people always stop and ask about them. They might be a little too flashy for some, but I love them. I can run faster and jump higher, too.

What do you think?

Hair How-To: Flat Iron Curls

The flat iron is the most amazing invention. Ever. Not only can you make your hair pin- straight, but flat iron curls are quick, easy, and long-lasting. Watch the hair tutorial below to see one way to create flat iron curls. It may seem a tad precarious at first, and you might end up with a head full of right angle crimps (some minor hand and finger burns might happen too), but don’t give up- it takes time for your hands to get used to twisting and gliding at the same time while holding the iron closed. Hope you enjoy!

DIY: Glitter Keys!

This is a quick and simple project to do if you want to add a little sparkle to your key chain. It also helps identify your keys if they all look alike.

1. Apply one coat of Mod Podge.
2. Sprinkle fine glitter.
3. Let Dry.
4. Seal with Mod Podge.
5. Do the other side.


You can substitute the Podge with Elmer’s glue, lacquer paint, or clear nail polish.

Hello. My name is Reese, and I am addicted to putting glitter on things.

Review: Master Drama Eyeliner

Maybelline’s Master Drama by Eyestudio cream pencil eyeliner is the bomb! These pencils are smooth and creamy, allowing you to glide effortlessly across your lash/water line.

I love how the colors are very dramatic and bold, plus they have major staying power. Normally my oily skin causes my eye makeup to wander or disappear, but when I am wearing this drugstore liner, I can put it on and not worry about it all day long. I used to swear by Make Up Forever’s Aqua Eyes gel pencil for years, and this product is BETTER! Check out my four swatches and video review below.

Now the downside- because these pencils stay on so well, you will need a super-duper eye makeup remover for waterproof makeup. Also, because this is a cream twist-up pencil, you will not have the precision of a liquid liner if you wanted to wing-out your lash line.

Nice pigmentation, huh? I receive a ton of compliments whenever I wear the blue shade (Sapphire Strength). I also like Maybelline Eyestudio’s gel liner that comes in a pot, but for me, using an angled eye brush takes more effort- and patience that I don’t have most of the time. These pencils are convenient – just toss them into your bag if you need to apply on the run, or if you need a touch-up later in the day (which you won’t).

My January Birchbox

Wow, time is just flying by! Here are the products I received in my January Birchbox.  I’m very happy with this month’s stash- good stuff! My January goodies: Archipelago Pomegranate Body Soap, Clark’s Botannicals Smoothing Marine Cream, Juicy Couture perfume, Stila Waterproof Eye Liner (full sized?), Larabar carrot cake minibar, and a Birchbox magnet (see the info card in the photo for product explanations).

I ate the Larabar right away, and it was delish! I am going to look into getting those bars sent to my house. The Stila eye liner is a pretty navy blue color to help my brown eyes pop, and it looked like a full sized sample (or pretty close to full size). Love the fact that it is waterproof and great for smudging. The smoothing cream is incredible. I applied it to my hands to test it out before I smothered it on my face, and it made my hands and nails super smooth. The soap is lovely, and the juicy couture perfume will be given to a close friend who loves Juicy things. Yay for Birchbox! For more information on Birchbox click here.