NOTD: The Feathers

I love wearing these vibrant colors together with a brilliant, eye-popping white on top! BTW, the new Wet ‘N Wild nail polish rocks. I normally stay away from cheap nail polish, but this line is amazing. All colors used for this design (except white) are from WNW.         ♫ Shake ya nail feathers! ♪♫

DIY: Mineral Veil Face Powder

I used to be obsessed with Bare Minerals makeup products for years, especially their mineral veil face powder. Three years ago, I glanced at the ingredients, and I was surprised. It was basically cornstarch with parabens (eek!) and iron oxides for color. Since then, I’ve been refilling the same powder container with my own mineral veil concoction, and it works EXACTLY the same (if not better) as the brand name powder. I still love Bare Minerals products, and they have now taken out the parabens, but I will stick with my own mineral veil, thank you. THE RECIPE:  In an old powder container, shake together one tablespoon cornstarch and 1/2 teaspoon baby powder. You can add a sprinkle of powder foundation or cocoa powder for color, but this is optional. Congratulations, you just saved yourself $20.HEALTH TIP:  As with all powder makeup products, please do not inhale your makeup! Those tiny particles could enter the lungs, possibly leading to inflammation, scarring, and disease. When I use any kind of loose face powder, I hold my breath while tapping the excess powder off the brush and during application. Tap the brush away from you, and use only in a well-ventilated area. Try to keep it tidy – don’t let it fly all over the place. Because the more you know… (cue shooting star with rainbow).


OOTD: All About the Details

The weather is heating up, and the legs are coming out! As these pics were taken, I was already griping about how sweaty I was just being outside for five minutes. This weekend outfit is all about the little details, combining lace, neon, and patterns. Oh, and I cut my hair off, and it feels so good!

Necklace & “Doll” shirt: Forever 21
Shorts & shoes: UO

Review & NOTD: China Glaze Celtic Sun

Welcome back to the ’80s kids, neon colors are cool once again. This new color from China Glaze will certainly grab some attention. I wanted my little nails to be as bright as a highlighter, and I think I did it. Before you go out and try these trendy colors from China Glaze, you should know a few things about this neon line. These polishes are MATTE. It does not say that on the bottle. With neon colors, application will be a little tricky because the consistency is well, uh…sucky. It will seem a little thin, so multiple, multiple coats are in order (matte polishes dry quicker also). I wasn’t thrilled with the lackluster finish, so I topped it off with a clear high-shine top coat. I guess I’m still pretty happy with the result, but it would have been nice to know what I was going to be working with. Have a great weekend everyone!

Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils

Swatch colors L to R: Deliquent, Rehab, Sin, Clash, Juju. Pencils are approx. 3 inches long.

Sorry I’ve been a little sparse with the postings, but yes, I’m still alive! I wanted to share these killer Urban Decay eye shadows with you all. I bought the Pencil Stash on sale from Urban Decay’s website two months ago, and I’ve been using these little crayons non-stop. Hurry up and get yours because the sale is still on! These are waterproof, blendable, and smudge-able glide-on chubby sticks that function as shadow or liner. You can see from the swatch photo that one creamy smooth swipe produces some crazy-bold pigment! Yes, they really do last all day long – through rain, tears, sweat, humidity, sun, squinting, etc. Still, I found wearing shadow primer underneath gives them an extra punch of staying power. You’ll need some eye makeup remover at the end of the day. If you wish to blend or smudge these colors, you’ll have to do it immediately after you glide them on (if you wait too long, they won’t budge). They are also sold individually with more colors to choose from. Would I purchase again? ABSOLUTELY.