NOTD: The Potpourri

This color mix was inspired by a bowl of potpourri – a stinky, dried up mix of crunchy rose petals. Bad in the bowl, yet beautiful on the nails. It took me forever to take this photo because I accidentally spilled the gray color all over my laptop, desk, legs, and shorts. Note: Do not pick up the bottle from the top if it is not screwed on. Happy Monday!  :)

OOTD: 2 Days, 2 Summer Dresses

L: Dress from Hollister Co., shoes from UO. R: Dress from Eight-Sixty, shoes from UO

Our July weather has called for strapless summer dresses, up-dos, sandals, and a makeup-free face! It becomes downright uncomfortable if you are outside for more than five minutes, so you must dress accordingly. These little dresses will take you from the beach to out for dinner – my favorite kind of day. I skimped on accessories as well, just because the hotter it gets, the more I don’t want to be weighed down with anything unnecessary. Hope everyone is staying cool this summer, and I’ll see you soon!

DIY: Painted Bobby Pins (with nail polish!)

Normally I would want my hair pins to be strategically tucked into my hairstyle making them inconspicuous, but these bobby pins are too cute to be hidden! Just paint with one or two coats of your favorite nail polish, let dry, and they are ready for show. I even sprinkled some glitter on a few to satisfy my need to make things sparkly. This is so easy – you cannot mess this up! Hmmm…what else can I paint with nail polish?

Eat it: Going Greek Does A Body Good

1 cup PLAIN nonfat Greek yogurt with assorted berries and organic honey

This is my snacking obsession: PLAIN nonfat Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and a drizzle of organic honey. Plain nonfat Greek yogurt has been a staple food in our home for the past three years. We buy it in bulk (big tubs of it at a time) because it can get expensive if you regularly purchase the little single serving cups sold in the grocery store. Greek yogurt is extensively strained, removing much of the liquid whey, sugar, and lactose, giving it a thicker consistency. Not only is it tangier, thicker, and creamier than regular yogurt, but one cup provides 24g of protein, 25% DV of calcium, much less sugar, and those healthy bacterial cultures that we need to stay healthy. Going totally plain and nonfat can be a little difficult, especially if you are used to overly and/or artificially sweetened yogurt, but adding in delicious berries and a touch of organic honey can fix that problem. Enjoy!

NOTD (& OOTD): The Summertime Blues

Nails: Blue Me Away by Sally Hansen; Bikini: Forever 21; Sunnies: Prada

Oh hello! I’m just having a Sunday-funday, soaking up some Vitamin D on the backyard dock. This bright smurf-blue nail color from Sally Hansen sure does liven things up. I love how it provides a happy color pop when paired with my leopard swimsuit. Blue is my favorite hot weather color because it reminds me of everything summer- blue skies, the ocean, the pool… I know many people are scared of wearing blue polish for some reason, but I think it is beautiful! Hope you are enjoying your day, and I’ll see you again soon.

NOTD: The Classy Sassy

Hi! How is everyone doing? I’m still staying pretty simple with my nails lately- no dots, glitter, or animals of any kind. You can’t go wrong with the classic red, but I decided to add some black tips for a little spice. I was going to reverse the colors on my ring finger (black with red tip), but I totally forgot and ended up just painting them all the same.

Have a lovely rest of the week, and see you soon!

DIY: Studded Denim Shorts

Studs and spikes are everywhere these days! After I saw a picture of Rihanna wearing a spiked denim jacket, my distressed denim shorts became insanely jealous. You can purchase your studs online (try, Etsy, or Ebay). They come in many shapes and sizes and are relatively inexpensive for a small pack.Now let me warn you – it is not as easy as it looks. My poor little thumbs! You’ll see what I mean, but if I can do it, you can do it! I tried to use a flat head screwdriver to bend the prongs down, but it was NOT easier. The second prong is more difficult to bend down than the first, and for most of them, I had to push down on the head of the stud against a hard surface to completely fold the prong down. Once you are all done though, you can wipe the sweat off your face, and be certain that you have the cutest, edgiest shorts at your neighborhood BBQ.