DIY: Glitter Tattoo

Temporary heart and leopard print glitter tattoos. Yes please!

Pretty cute, no? The pictures really don’t do them justice – these little tatts REALLY sparkle! I’ve been wearing them all day, and now that it is night time, I can’t stop staring at them in the light. Yep, that’s me in the grocery store parking lot, turning up my spots toward the lamp post, tilting my arm back and forth to see them twinkle. I can see this being very popular for kids/tweens/teens (or grown-ups young at heart), especially with Halloween coming up! If glitter is your thing, you NEED to try this tutorial.
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NOTD: Dark Sparkle

Hi friends! I am so ecstatic that it’s Saturday – I just had to whip out my glitter! Last weekend was very hectic, involving a minor invasive procedure on my foot, barfing all day on a small boat with cameras and media on board, and a little dinner party for Joe’s b-day at my parents’ house. After long days (and nights) at work this week, I am chill-axing with my glitter. This NOTD didn’t turn out the way I intended, but I’m kind of digging the result. I wanted the navy blue glitter to only be on the tips, but instead I accidentally created somewhat of a nice gradient effect. I used REAL glitter by just sprinkling it onto wet tips, and for some reason it stuck to the dry base coat. I ended up liking it and sealed it with a clear top coat for extra shine. ┬áHave a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you guys soon with more glitter ya’ll!

DIY: Sliced Agate Necklace

I’ve been looking for an affordable sliced agate necklace for the past year now, but I’ve found that most of them are way too pricey ($50 – $100). I just think they are beautiful, with no two that are the same. Agate has long been associated with protective and healing energies, so wearing the stone may bring you good luck. I was wandering around Joann Crafts, and I happened to stumble upon a pack of two pre-drilled sliced agate pendants for $4!!! I snatched them up quick and made two beautiful necklaces. Here’s how: Continue reading

NOTD: The Color Block

Happy Friday to everyone! Here is a vibrant and fun nail look to try, sure to please any kindergartener (or kindergartener at heart). This was a speedy application, so please excuse the sloppy lines! I actually think my right hand looks cleaner with a better choice of color combos, but the left hand photo will have to do. Have a fun weekend, and I’ll see you very soon!

Bunny Love: Caring For a Pet Rabbit

Hi all! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been a tad busy lately (a tad busy meaning completely overwhelmed). I’ve received some very nice emails and comments in the past few weeks that were so sweet and thoughtful. I enjoy hearing from you and learning more about your creative ideas and beauty/fashion ventures. Please don’t ever hesitate to connect with me even if it is just to say a quick “hello.”

I’ve received quite a few questions on Bun and caring for a pet bunny in general, so I just wanted to post my thoughts and suggestions. Continue reading