NOTD: The Pink Tuxedo

My little pink nails are all dressed up today with white tips and a tiny tuxedo. Little do they know, they are going to spend the rest of the day doing yard work and cleaning. Which leaves me wondering… How come whenever you look cute no one sees you, but the one night you step out to go to the grocery store in your stained, disintegrating house clothes and unwashed hair, you run into your boss and three people you knew in high school? Deep thoughts.

DIY Glitter Peter Pan Bib Necklace

Here is another statement necklace that is easy to create and customize yourself. I know, enough with the glitter already. I have a problem people! I can’t help myself, glitter (my BFF) makes everything better. Peter pan collars add an element of youth and sweetness to your outfit. Combined with sparkle, we’ve got it all – glam, fun, youthfulness, femininity, Neverland, Tinkerbells, etc. Let’s go! Funny side note: Joe saw this necklace laying on the bathroom counter and thought it was a bra for a baby.  Continue reading

OOTD: All About the Bubble

Top & shorts: UO; Shoes: Dolce Vita; Necklace: Etsy

The weekend is here again! As you can tell, the weather is still pretty warm where I’m at. Have you noticed that the J. Crew bubble necklace has taken over the world? Well, my light pink bubble necklace isn’t quite J. Crew, but it certainly is every bit the statement piece (at 1/4 of the cost). Whenever I wear a big bold necklace like this one, I keep earrings, bracelets, and rings simple, or I skip them all together. Speaking of statement pieces, stay tuned for my next DIY. Oh, and get your glitter ready! It’s going to be a sparkly one.

NOTD: Pure Pearl

Presenting my favorite nail polish for October (drum roll): Revlon’s Pure Pearl. No fancy lines, glitter, or graffiti, just a beautiful, clean, feminine color that makes your nails look like little shiny pearls. When I bought this bottle last week, the Walgreen’s cashier guy (who apparently has noticed my garish nail art many times before) said, “This color doesn’t look like you. Trying to tone it down?” I laughed, and told him that I agreed, but inside I was covertly flattered, offended, and a little creeped out that he keeps stats on my nail color. I went ahead and applied two coats that night, and the next few days were filled with random compliments from friends and strangers on my new polish. Good purchase. The moral of this story: People notice little details!

OOTD: Sequined and Feathered

Top & shorts: Express; Shoes: Blowfish; Necklace: Forever 21

Hi peeps! Oh how I’ve missed you! Just a quick post to remind you that I’m still alive. I practically had to force myself out of my pajamas and into this get-up on a rainy Sunday. I’m not really going any where special, just going out to run some weekend errands with Joe to get prepped for another week. I’ll wear anything with a giant heart on it, especially a sequined one. It is so bright, I figure it will distract attention away from my dark, puffy eyes and disheveled hair. Yes, I am having one of those days. Sigh. Stay tuned for a NOTD coming up next… :)