DIY Ombre French Tip Manicure Nail Tutorial

Hello! Here is a super easy nail tutorial on the ombre french tip manicure. You will see that this modern version of a classic nail look is much easier and less time consuming. I always have a difficult time getting the silly white line straight anyway. Lets face it, white nail polish is a stubborn color to work with. Nails will dry quickly because you are not using very much polish, and this method is basically fool proof. This look would be great for your wedding, no? Want to turn this into a gel nail manicure? Well that’s easy, click here for my DIY gel nail tutorial. Watch the video in HD for best quality.


Cups Tutorial “When I’m Gone” Pitch Perfect (The Cup Song)

I thought now would be a good time to take a little reprieve from DIY-ing, makeup, and other frivolous things to kill some time doing something random. In comes Cups. You know, the Anna Kendrick cup song from Pitch Perfect. I decided to make a little tutorial on how to perform the cup pattern for this clever little ditty. Hope you are intrigued. This is quite addicting, and you may get the urge to bust out in song at the sight of a plastic cup. Maybe this can be your next party trick. I added Anna Kendrick’s cover in the Grooveshark player on my homepage if you want to clap and tap away to the actual song. Have fun! Tutorial starts at 1:48.


DIY Sailor Knot T-Shirt Headband Tutorial (No Sew)

There are many T-shirt headband tutorials out there, but do you really want a headband that looks like you cut the sleeve off your shirt and put it on your head? I saw an adorable multi-colored sailor knot headband at the mall, but after seeing the $18 price tag, my heart broke as I placed it right back on the rack. I dug through all my old shirts and found quite a few candidates for the new headband I was about to fashion. Advice? Pick the right T-shirt(s)! You want your shirt to be long, stretchy, and, if you are like me, colorful. I made quite a few of these – one for everyday of the week. Hope you enjoy! Watch the video in HD. 


NOTD: Silver Holo

Hello! Meet Urban Outfitter’s “Silver Holo”, a super cool holographic nail polish. I’ve always been hesitant to try UO’s nail polishes, but this one pretty much just jumped right into my little hand, and off to the cash register we went. As you can see in the photos, it truly IS holographic. From far away, it looks like a light gray color though. You really need to look at it in the sun to be able to see how special it is – rainbows and shiny unicorns come out! There were pink and green holo-color options also, but I thought silver was the coolest. It has a whopping $10 price tag, but if you are itching to try something different, this just might be it!