Bunny Love: Caring For a Pet Rabbit

Hi all! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been a tad busy lately (a tad busy meaning completely overwhelmed). I’ve received some very nice emails and comments in the past few weeks that were so sweet and thoughtful. I enjoy hearing from you and learning more about your creative ideas and beauty/fashion ventures. Please don’t ever hesitate to connect with me even if it is just to say a quick “hello.”

I’ve received quite a few questions on Bun and caring for a pet bunny in general, so I just wanted to post my thoughts and suggestions. First off, Bun is a 4-year-old rescue rabbit. We’ve had him for a year now, and he is our heart and soul but quite the responsibility! He is a house bunny, meaning he does not reside in a cage. He spent the first three years of his life locked in a small cage in a dark living space, and as soon as I took him home, I knew I couldn’t bare to put him back in there. He is thriving and clearly much happier being able to run and jump wherever and whenever he pleases inside the house. He loves to come to the fridge whenever he hears it being opened, and he enjoys jumping on the couch to watch TV. We also have a 4-year-old kitty who keeps him company. At first we were worried that our cat would attack Bun, since she has been known to hunt small animals around the neighborhood, but Bun is a HUGE rabbit, and thankfully, this hasn’t been an issue.

Bun is litter box trained, but he occasionally leaves little dry bunny “pellets” near his box that are easy to pick up. FYI- bunny “poo” is dry, and it looks like Cocoa Puffs. We feed him Timothy hay and fresh veggies, along with a half cup rabbit mix daily. Rabbits shed like crazy a few times a year, so prepare to be one with your vacuum. He loves to be petted, and we hold and cuddle him frequently. He did not like being picked up at first, but I assume that was because he wasn’t used to it. We gave him a bath when we first brought him home because he was filthy and sick, but we haven’t had to since then. He does a great job of cleaning himself, just like a cat.

If you are thinking of adopting a pet rabbit of your own, please do not cage! Rabbits are happier roaming freely. Hopefully, I’ve answered most of your questions with this post. If you have any other questions about Bun or owning a pet bunny of your own, please do not hesitate to ask.

11 thoughts on “Bunny Love: Caring For a Pet Rabbit

  1. Aww. You are a wonderful bunny mommy. We had a rabbit growing up and he was the head of the house. I enjoy seeing Bun in your videos :)

  2. Hey, I just discovered your blog! I love it!! How do you potty train your bunny? Are they easy like cats? And do they scratch anything? Thanks! I would love to have a bunny but still researching on how to care for them :)

    • Hi!! Well, Bun was already potty trained upon adoption, so fortunately I didn’t really have to train him. Here is what I would suggest: When you first adopt your sweet little bunny, set up a “bunny area” for him/her- like a temporary fenced-in area in the kitchen (some place with hard floors easy to clean). When you not home, keep bunny confined in that space, but once you are home, let bunny run about. Place one or more litter boxes in the confined space, maybe in the corner(s). If bunny automatically starts using it, great, if not, see where bunny prefers to pee, then move the box to that area. Now because bunnies poop around-the-clock, he may leave some “cocoa puffs” outside the box- Bun still does this. But they are dry, and easy to just pick up. Bun uses NATURAL CAT litter in his box. We’ve tried shredded paper, to special rabbit litter, but nothing works better than that. I’ve read that you are not supposed to use any cat litter for bunnies because sometimes they eat the litter, but so far Bun is doing very well with it. Bun hasn’t really scratched anything, but he does like to chew sometimes. He chewed off the remote control buttons, and he chewed through my laptop charger (he loves wires). Just make sure all wires are out of bunny’s reach!! Hope this helps!! Good luck :)

  3. Hey, I just discovered your blog! I love it!! How do you potty train your bunny? Are they easy like cats? And do they scratch anything? Thanks! I would love to have a bunny but still researching on how to care for them :)

  4. I was looking at your wedding photos and realized that I am in the same city your are. I won’t mention the city as you may not want it advertised.
    I went Wow, I recognize that bridge.
    Loved your tea cup candles. I think I will try them.

  5. Hi! I found your blog through Pinterest. Love you ideas! But I thought I might tell you that if you buy just plain wood at the pet store it might keep your bunny from chewing on “no no” things. They are natural chewers. Just like horses their teeth grow & grow, that is how they naturally “trim” them.

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