Addicted to Art @ Painting with a Twist

Hi! Just a quick post to show you my new addiction. I painted these two colorful canvases at my new favorite hang-out, Painting With A Twist. I love everything about this place, the atmosphere, the music, the people, and of course, the art. You sign up and pay online for a painting that you want to do on a designated night, and you get a step-by-step art lesson with the materials to create your masterpiece. You can bring snacks and beverages to make the experience complete, and you leave with your cool new painting. I would much rather do this than hang out at a smelly bar. Art was always my favorite subject as a kid, until I got to college, where it was stressful and filled with silly discussion about how each brush stroke had a profound meaning. Well, I ain’t got time fo’ that! There is no judgment, no critique, and you are free to make your painting your own at this place – all while jammin’ out to your favorite tunes. If you love to paint, check it out!

Fall Fitness on Instagram

This fall has been a roller coaster ride in terms of my fitness goals. Here are some of my instagram yoga pics from this season. September and the first half of October was a challenge for me because I had a lumbar sprain (happened during Zumba class, probably while chest pumping or twerking) that led to further complications – sacro-iliac joint dysfunction and sciatica. I had to ease off my teaching, and working as a nurse was no fun either with a permanent ice pack strapped to my butt. I continued my at-home yoga practice, sticking to the easy poses, laying off backbends. Slowly but surely, the back healed, and I am back at it, full force, picking up where I left off and making progress. I’m sure you can tell that I enjoy being part of the IG yoga community. Not only has it opened my eyes to learning new things, but I have become closer to accepting and appreciating my body. When I first started taking these pics, I was so picky about the way my body looked, not posting some of them because I thought I looked too short, too stubby, too big, too small, too muscular, too soft, blah, blah, blah. I compared myself to other yoga girls and guys who looked long and lean in their poses. I didn’t want to show my arms or my legs in particular angles- ridiculous thoughts! Now I no longer base my fitness goals on how I look. It is all about my ability and what I can do, and I am much more at ease with myself. I encourage everyone to start a personal yoga practice, no matter what level you are on. It may take a while for you to like it though- it took me a lonnnngggg time to not have to force myself to do it. I still have to give myself a pep talk before doing some poses, but I am always grateful afterwards. Namaste peeps. You can follow my yoga journey on IG: @reesekistel

Summer-fit on Instagram

Hi! I thought I would share some of my fitness-related Instagram photos with you today. I started using Instagram at the start of the summer, and it has quickly become my favorite social media outlet. Now I don’t post these yoga exhibitionist pics to be a narcissistic show-off. These photos are an integral part of my fitness journey, like a journal, so I can see my strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments. I’ve been so inspired by other Instagram fitness selfies, that I figure if I can inspire or motivate just one person, that would be enough for me to post a picture. It also allows me to indulge my creative side, which is what attracted me to yoga in the first place (it’s like “body art”). Hope you like my little handstand collage. Come find me on Instagram: @reesekistel.

Cups Tutorial “When I’m Gone” Pitch Perfect (The Cup Song)

I thought now would be a good time to take a little reprieve from DIY-ing, makeup, and other frivolous things to kill some time doing something random. In comes Cups. You know, the Anna Kendrick cup song from Pitch Perfect. I decided to make a little tutorial on how to perform the cup pattern for this clever little ditty. Hope you are intrigued. This is quite addicting, and you may get the urge to bust out in song at the sight of a plastic cup. Maybe this can be your next party trick. I added Anna Kendrick’s cover in the Grooveshark player on my homepage if you want to clap and tap away to the actual song. Have fun! Tutorial starts at 1:48.


Sunday Yoga

“Have only love in your heart for others. The more you see the good in them, the more you will establish good in yourself.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda
Sometimes you just have to view the world upside-down to fully clear your mind. I typically do my self practice in my living room, but today I decided to take it outside in the fresh, cool spring air. I’ve been feeling a little bogged down lately, just trying to handle the responsibilities of being an adult, combined with all the tragedies that are going on in our world right now. This past week left me drained and overwhelmed. What do I do when I’m overwhelmed? I stop and stand on my head. Works wonders every time.  :)

The Holiday Card 2012

Yesterday Joe and I attempted to take a picture of ourselves to use for our holiday card. I’ve been scrolling through so many of my friends’ family photos on FB that I was inspired to actually send out a holiday card this year. All these photos I’ve been seeing have been from professional photo shoots where the family is out sitting in the middle of the wilderness having a picnic in their best outfits – some of the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever seen. While we can’t compete with adorable babies and toddlers, I thought we could at least try for a decent photo where I am not in workout attire or scrubs and Joe has showered and brushed his hair. The last time we sent out a card was 2007, right after our wedding when I wanted to show off our wedding picture. It is important to send out this card to remind our family and friends that we are still alive and happy together five years later, but I wanted to take the photo ourselves using our own camera and tripod. Something so simple turned out to be incredibly frustrating, but we were successful!

It took a long time! Notice it is light outside and then dark. Those big old lights were hot, too. We tried to add Bun and Kitty, but they were unsurprisingly uncooperative, especially the cat who showed us her sassiest attitude that night. You can't tell, but it was also raining the whole time, and we were thinking about this headline, "Couple and Pets Entangled in Xmas Lights Found Fatally Electrocuted at Their Home." Thankfully we survived, picking the picture below as the winner.

DISCLAIMER: It is not recommended to wrap people/animals up in electrical cords. Safety precautions must be in order before attempting to do this. OK? Bye!

What’s In My Bag?

Curious about what lies inside my bag? Sure you are! Nothing too crazy, but here ya go.Bag: Michael Kors Mirror Cross-body bag in Rose Gold
Wallet: Kate Landry. Yellow patent leather.
Little pouch: Betsey Johnson. Yes, this is a bag inside my bag. It holds oil blotting sheets, business cards, Zyrtec, Tylenol, and coupons.
Sunnies: Betsey Johnson. Fuschia with leopard print.
iPod Nano: Old Nano circa 2007. I use this to teach my fitness classes. Sad, but I would be a total wreck (I’m talking sobbing, rolling around on the ground) without it.
Little notebook: I write down meaningful quotes for my yoga classes in here. I also use it for writing down things at my nursing job.
Sharpie and pen: Mostly for nursing.
Elastic hair tie: Sparkly gold from this DIY post.
Lip balm: Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Tiger Lily.
Lip enhancer: by Jouer. I either use this or the Burt’s Bees. Both products on my awesome list.
Bobby pins: Cool painted ones as seen in this DIY.
Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Smog. A light, glisten-y brown with olive/gold undertones. I have the same color in UD liquid liner also. Beautiful color.
Lip/cheek stain: Cha Cha Tint by Benefit. Everyday on my cheeks! It leaves a natural peach/coral tint with a lovely sheen.
** Not pictured but probably should be: car keys, phone, some food item (nuts or cereal in a bag, banana), gum, stethoscope, and dare I say…Tampax.

Bunny Love: Caring For a Pet Rabbit

Hi all! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been a tad busy lately (a tad busy meaning completely overwhelmed). I’ve received some very nice emails and comments in the past few weeks that were so sweet and thoughtful. I enjoy hearing from you and learning more about your creative ideas and beauty/fashion ventures. Please don’t ever hesitate to connect with me even if it is just to say a quick “hello.”

I’ve received quite a few questions on Bun and caring for a pet bunny in general, so I just wanted to post my thoughts and suggestions. Continue reading

Nail Art Featured on!

Hey guys! Long time no post, I know- sorry! I just wanted to show you that I made it to the big leagues… Well, my nails did, anyway. My butterfly nails were featured on, a blog founded by quirky girl Zooey Deschanel (and two other people). To see my nail art in all its glory, click here. New posts are coming soon, so stay tuned!