DIY: Starfish Headband

It’s getting warm outside, and my summer clothes are finally waking up from hibernation! As I make my way to the beach, this darling starfish headband adorns my hair while all the mermaids look on in envy. To make your own, simply hot glue a starfish or two to a plain headband. You could also use seashells or sand dollars. It doesn’t even have to be a headband – you could affix the starfish to a hair pin or barrette. Enjoy!

DIY: Polymer Clay Bangles

This was my first time using polymer clay, and let me warn you, it is a little addicting. I was so enthralled by the striking effect of combining colors that I built an impressive Jenga-like stack of clay bangles (about 20 high) on my desk. Some have a marbled appearance (pictured above), and others are striped like a hula-hoop.

Polymer clay typically comes in little colored squares, available at Michael’s [1]. To make your bangle like a striped hula-hoop, start by breaking off a chunk and mashing it up with your fingers to soften. Using the palm of your hands as a rolling pin, roll out the chunk on a flat surface into a worm [2]. Take a second color, roll it out into a worm, and intertwine the two worms [2 & 3]. Roll out the worm combination to smooth, and check for size by wrapping it around an old bangle [4]. Mash the two ends together to form a ring, and bake in the oven at 275 degrees for 30 minutes (or according to the clay package) (don’t bake your old bracelet). For a marbled look, mash up different color chunks together with your fingers first, then roll it out into your worm, check for size, and bake.

DIY: Painted Sole Heels

Check out my Louboutin-inspired heels! I actually wanted to paint them neon yellow, but I was anxious to get it done only having red paint at home. I must admit, I’m really glad I went with red because they turned out awesome. I know Louboutin fans would not be happy with me, but well, sorry. I’m thinking that I am going to do this with all my heels now, maybe go for neon yellow or electric blue next time. It was very easy to do, and well LOOK AT THEM!!!! I’ve had these heels for years, and now they look like new shoes. You can tell I’m excited.


You will need acrylic paint, Mod Podge gloss, and a small paint brush (and of course, a shoe). Take your shoe and clean the bottom, making sure it is free from debris. Take your paint brush and apply two coats acrylic paint letting it dry in between. I DID NOT PAINT THE ENTIRE SOLE. I only painted the inside of the heel up to where I saw scuffing (see 4th photo above). So basically, only the part that does not come in contact with the ground is painted. Finish with one coat Mod Podge GLOSS to give it some sheen (the paint dries matte). Enjoy!

DIY: Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt

Today boys and girls, we will be knocking off this lovely UO cold shoulder sweatshirt. I read some of the reviews on this sweatshirt, and apparently the holes appear to be made with scissors. So save your $30 (originally $44) and do it yo’ self! Grab an old sweatshirt, making sure that it is fitted, not oversized. You can eyeball the shoulder holes and start snipping, or turn the shirt inside out, take a small round plate or bowl, and trace a half circle starting on the sleeve seam or wherever you prefer your hole to start (see photo below). Cut your shoulder holes out, and BAM you’re done. Don’t worry, sweatshirts typically do not fray, so no need to sew anything.


DIY: Wire Rings

Hi guys! You can probably tell by the pictures that this DIY is a personal favorite of mine. Yes, I seem to have cranked out a “bazillion” wire rings in the past few days. I started out just wanting to make one little bow ring, but after that took two minutes, I decided to see what else I could do.

You will need some wire, scissors, pliers, and a chapstick tube. I chose pink silver-plated copper wire (~ $3 for an 8 yd. pack at any craft supply store). Eight yards will make a “bazillion” rings. I used the chapstick tube as a ring mandrel which you can wrap your wire around to form the ring band. There is no real trick to making these rings- just basically trial and error. I never measured anything, nor did I follow any tutorial. I think the easiest one to start with is the rosette ring (pictured to the right of the bow). Click here to see a step-by-step on how to make it. The bow ring is not a true bow, but just merely a bow shape.

Once you make a few, it gets easier and easier. If you mess up or make one that you aren’t happy with, just try again with a fresh piece of wire. After making the rings pictured above, I moved on to the rings below (click picture to enlarge).


To add a pop of color, simply string a bead or stone on the wire and wrap the wire around. I didn’t follow any specific instructions, but HERE is a thorough tutorial on one way to make them. The possibilities are endless! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. These would make great little gifts, no?

DIY: Teacup Candles

I’m thrilled to share my homemade fancy candles with you! I politely asked my mom for a teacup out of her beloved collection, and she generously, yet reluctantly, gave me these three vintage teacups, knowing that I would defile them with wax. I reminded her that she hasn’t used them in over 25 years and that people don’t use dainty little cups for tea anymore -except maybe the Queen, and she probably won’t stop by.

I used 1 lb. microwaveable soy wax flakes from Michael’s (1 lb. will make 3 teacup candles), but you could use chunks of old candles or bar wax and melt it down in a double boiler. You will want to stabilize your wick by taping two sticks together with the wick passing in between (I used stretched out paper clips in lieu of sticks). For one teacup, toss 1/3 of the flakes from the 1 lb. package and a few crayon shavings for color – a little goes a long way- into a microwaveable container. Microwave on high until the flakes melt (directions said 30 seconds, but it was more like 3 minutes), then stir, so the melted crayon shavings add color to the wax. For a scented candle, add liquid scent to the melted wax. Pour into the teacup and let it solidify. As it solidifies, you will see the wax color lighten up quite a bit, which was a relief because the liquid wax resembled dark Kool-Aid when I poured it in the cup. After the candle has set, remove the “sticks”, cut the wick down, and enjoy being fancy!

DIY: Sequined Heart Headband

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and hearts are appearing everywhere! I was wearing my sequined red felt heart headband from Old Navy the other day, and after examining it to see how it was made, I decided to DIY another one, a different color, with smaller hearts. Then I kicked myself for buying the store bought one, when I could have just made it myself.

Continue reading

DIY: Chair Makeover

My mom bought this chair for me when I was in grade school, and unfortunately it has been tucked away in storage for the past decade. I had a sudden urge to makeover a piece of furniture, and this chair was the first thing to pop into my mind. It’s not a bad looking chair, but I thought it needed a little more pizazz. It looked sad and neglected, so I decided to give it some much needed attention. I had a brand new chair in a few hours. Continue reading

DIY: Jar Lamp

This is an effortless DIY that creates a charming ambiance – a strand of christmas lights in a bottle. That’s it.

I used a large pink jar, but you can use any glass container (clear or colored) that can fit christmas lights (also clear or colored) through the top. I’ve seen this done with wine bottles and those huge, clear pickle jars. Brilliant!

So get your christmas lights out of the attic and into some bottles people! Enjoy :)

DIY: Glitter Keys!

This is a quick and simple project to do if you want to add a little sparkle to your key chain. It also helps identify your keys if they all look alike.

1. Apply one coat of Mod Podge.
2. Sprinkle fine glitter.
3. Let Dry.
4. Seal with Mod Podge.
5. Do the other side.


You can substitute the Podge with Elmer’s glue, lacquer paint, or clear nail polish.

Hello. My name is Reese, and I am addicted to putting glitter on things.

DIY: Lotto Balls & Recycled Gift Wrap

Happy holidays! These are my famous “Lotto Balls” that I make every year for an ornament gift exchange. Basically, it is a decorated ornament ball with a scratch-off lotto ticket inside. Normally I make these with clear balls, but these red and green ones were plucked from our tree instead of buying new ones this year.


You can decorate your balls (hehe) however you would like. Since I make Lotto Balls every year, I always paint the year on one side. I think these balls would make cute party favors if you are throwing a holiday party, too! Continue reading

DIY: D&G inspired sunglasses


I’ve been drooling over these red and pink Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses since last spring, but I just can’t seem to justify spending $100 on them.  I decided to take matters into my own hands and recreate the look with an old pair of sunnies.




This is a pair of brown Xhilaration sunglasses bought from Target a few years back. They are a little tattered with some minor scratch marks, but they have a nice shape, very similar to the D&G glasses from the front.



I used the same Mod Podge (Gloss-Lustre) from the glitter project, bright red and light pink acrylic paint, and a paint brush. Basically, I just applied three coats of paint onto the glasses letting it dry in between.  I topped it off with a coat of Podge to give it some refulgence.




Ta-da!! I’m thrilled with the result.  I love this color combo – been wearing red and pink together for years, and now fashion has finally caught up. Have a nice weekend everyone!

DIY: Glitter Shoes!

These exquisite Miu Miu booties were the inspiration for this DIY project. There is no way I will ever spend $850 on a pair of shoes, no matter how gorgeous they are.  So I thought about how I could recreate the glittery look with a pair of my old shoes that have been gathering dust in the back of my closet.  I had a stash of barely used champagne holiday glitter that would come in handy.

Well, I found the shoes! This is a pair of pukey green and brown Steve Madden wedges circa 2006.  I have not worn them since last year, and they are in dire need of some TLC before I adorn my feet with these drab, tassled height enhancers.  I realize that the tiered fringe might be an added challenge, but we have to work with what we have, right?

My supplies:

1. glitter

2. pink spray paint

3. Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre (a glue/sealant/finish all-in-one purchased at Michael’s)

4. paint brush

5. sandpaper



First, I scuffed the wood part of the shoe with sandpaper to prep for the spray paint.  I didn’t take too much time with this step- just enough that the paint would stick to the shoe. I sprayed one coat of paint onto the wood part of the shoe (make sure you do this outside). I was so surprised how great the shoes looked with just that one simple change!  I wasn’t too careful with the paint because it didn’t really matter if I painted the other parts of the shoe -it would be covered with glitter anyway.  I let the shoes stand for 30 minutes to dry and ate some lunch.

Next, I combined equal parts glitter and Mod Podge into a bowl and mixed with the brush. After a thorough mixing, I painted the mixture onto the green suede parts of the shoe.  It would have been nice if I had tape to cover the pink wooden part, but I didn’t have any, so I just had to be extra careful where the suede meets the wood.  Don’t worry, it will apply as a white goop, but it will dry clear so the glitter will show.  I noticed that it has a tendency to be clumpy, so make sure you blend it out well with your brush. You may need to touch-up areas that you missed once the shoe has dried (drying time about 30 minutes to 1 hour), or you may need to do another coat depending on how glittery you want your shoes and how glittery your mixture is.  If you notice some clumps once the glitter has dried, you can sand them out.  I rubbed the sandpaper along the edges just to smooth out any rough areas that might scratch my feet.

OH snap- check them out! Not bad. It looks like I bought them this way. The glitter does not come off! I started with the sandpaper around 2 pm, and I had these on my feet by 5 pm.  You can also glitterize the entire shoe, and forgo the spray paint.  This would be a fun project to do with a pair of platform pumps, canvas sneakers, or ballet flats.  Oh the possibilities! I’m a happy girl. Continue reading

Big Bang Theory

Just a quick post to show you the blunt bangs I cut yesterday.  I normally have longer side-swept bangs to soften my face, but I wanted a more structured, dramatic look to compliment a dress that I was going to wear to a wedding. Yes, I cut my hair to compliment an outfit.  I do it all the time.  Turns out I ended up cutting my bangs but not wearing the dress.  So it looks like I will be channeling my inner Zooey Deschanel this fall season.

DIY:  After blow drying, I held flat sections in my left hand (in between my middle and index fingers) and cut across (below my fingers) with my right hand using a pair of sharp scissors, making sure that the bangs would fall just below my eyebrows.  I then took random little tiny upward nips so it wouldn’t be too straight.  I suggest cutting little by little until you reach your desired length because there is nothing worse than cutting your bangs way too short.  To style, I take a giant round brush and blow dry them straight up to add volume.  Then I just comb them down and spray with hairspray.  If I flat iron my hair like I did in the picture, I turn the flat iron heat down to 275 degrees and quickly iron them in small sections.  These are high maintenance bangs (at least on me they are) because my hair likes to curl in all the wrong places.  I MUST spray them in place before heading out the door.  They are fun though, and it is an inexpensive way to change up your look.    Have a great week everyone!