get on the pole

So I’ve been taking pole fitness classes for a while now, and let me just get the message out there: Pole fitness is no joke, people! Now I’m not talking about learning how to be a stripper. This is an athletic performing art that requires INSANE muscular strength and flexibility. I love it so much, and I am tired of being hesitant to tell people what I’ve been doing due to the widespread ignorance on this form of exercise. It is fun, flirty, and captivating to watch (see Jenyne Butterfly walk on air [2:20] in the video below), and yes, I am obsessed.

Wasn’t that amazing? And not at all trashy, right?

zumba fitness® rocks my workout

Put on your Zumba pants people, and let’s get sweaty.  Zumba Fitness® is a latin-inspired “fitness party” that combines pulse pounding music, dance moves, and colorful workout wear to give you the ultimate calorie-burning experience. One hour of it turns me into a sweaty mess! Not only does it put the treadmill to shame, it makes you feel sexy and will increase your self-confidence. The hot moves are uncomplicated and will have you hip-shaking and body rolling in no time. Pitbull and Wyclef Jean love it, and you will too (see why in the video below)! I’ve been a Zumba Fitness® instructor since 2007, and it has changed my life. Let it change yours.
Warning: Zumba is highly addictive.