DIY Braided Rhinestone Necklace

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Well hello! I made this necklace over the summer after perusing one of my favorite creative blogs, Honestly WTF.  If you haven’t checked out this site, oh my gosh, go now! So inspiring. I followed this tutorial pretty much exactly, making two necklaces, which I eventually decided to stitch together to make the one necklace shown above. The bottom rhinestone necklace is an old piece of pageant jewelry that I wore to a formal dance back in grade school. The top single rhinestone strand I found at Joann Fabrics. Now I’ll be honest with you, this maybe one of the trickiest DIY projects that I’ve tried, especially because I’m new to working with embroidery thread. It was a little challenging to braid, but hey, if I can do it, YOU can definitely do it. After I finished this piece, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment, especially because I’ve seen necklaces like this retail for BIG bucks, while I spent about $6 for the materials. It was so much fun picking out thread colors, I guarantee you will spend most of your time staring at the embroidery thread selection trying to decide which color(s) you want for your necklace. Hope you give it a try!

DIY Sailor Knot T-Shirt Headband Tutorial (No Sew)

There are many T-shirt headband tutorials out there, but do you really want a headband that looks like you cut the sleeve off your shirt and put it on your head? I saw an adorable multi-colored sailor knot headband at the mall, but after seeing the $18 price tag, my heart broke as I placed it right back on the rack. I dug through all my old shirts and found quite a few candidates for the new headband I was about to fashion. Advice? Pick the right T-shirt(s)! You want your shirt to be long, stretchy, and, if you are like me, colorful. I made quite a few of these – one for everyday of the week. Hope you enjoy! Watch the video in HD. 


DIY Shoe Clips

Shoes: Gianni Bini

My shoes now have their own accessories! These shoes clips will transform the look of your shoes from drab to fab in no time! Instead of buying new shoes, just clip on a bow or flower to your old pair. You can easily switch the clips to another pair or move it from the front to the back of the shoe for a new look. Read on for the tutorial!  Continue reading

DIY Heart Print Pattern Dress

Hey girl, whatcha doin’? Hey girl, where you goin’? Who’s that girl? Who’s that girl? It’s me, knockin’ off Zooey Deschanel’s red heart print dress. The adorable New Girl wore an adorable red dress with adorable white hearts during her SNL monologue last year. Well, I also have an adorable little red dress from H&M, but it was missing something….those little white hearts! So I went to the craft store, bought some white fabric paint, and went to town on my little red dress. It was a success, and I’m going to share with you how to do it! You can paint those hearts anywhere- dresses, jeans, shirts, whatever floats your boat!

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DIY Nail Decals

Do you or someone you love have a problem with drawing designs on your nails? You are not alone. I’m elated with joy as I bring you this mind-blowing tutorial on how to make your own nail decals. My nails are rocking the fleur-de-lis like no one’s business. Let me show you how easy this is to do. Continue reading

DIY Spike Headband

Having fun with my "tiara".

Hello! I made this spiked headband today, and it has a little tiara vibe going on, doesn’t it? If I can get away with wearing a tiara all day, albeit made of spikes, I’m going for it! It might even have a hint of Statue of Liberty. I probably won’t sport this head piece at work, but I would definitely rock it for the weekend. I decided to style my hair in soft waves to balance out the edginess of the spikes, and I think it looks pretty sweet. Read on for the tutorial. Continue reading

DIY Beaded Elastic Hair Ties

I posted an elastic hair tie tutorial back in August, but I decided to glam them up a little by adding large hole beads. I found these inexpensive Pandora-like beads at Joann Fabric in the jewelry supply section. The hole is large enough to thread your fold over elastic right on through! Cut your elastic to 9.5 inches long, string the bead on, fold the elastic in half, and knot at the end. This would be really cute for an elastic headband also, no? To see my original DIY elastic hair tie tutorial click here. To purchase elastic by the yard click here.

High Heel Tips and Tricks

Do you guys remember the Friends episode where Monica buys these really expensive, yet fabulous boots, telling Chandler that she is going to wear them all the time, but it turns out she can’t because they are killing her, one toe at a time? She can no longer bear the pain so she takes them off and has Chandler carry her all the way home from an office party. That episode spoke to me and millions of women who suffer from the pain of fabulous shoes. To help avoid this scenario, I’ve compiled a little list of tips and tricks for making your heels more comfortable. Continue reading

DIY Glitter “UGG” Boots

Here I am with my glitter yet again. So I’ve had these plain brown Target “Uggs” since 2007, and they were looking a little ratty and stained. I usually don these boots for late night grocery store outings when the weather gets nippy. I’ve been seeing the new sequin Ugg boots lately, which gave me the idea to paint my poor boots happy by “glitterizing.”  Continue reading

DIY Flower Sunglasses

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Over the summer I stumbled upon these awesome floral sunglasses featured on Vogue UK’s site. Now would I actually wear them? No, probably not. I started to see some handmade dupes on Etsy that were actually quite wearable and very cute (with a little less flower power). I got busy and fashioned my own pair, turning my old boring shades into fabulous, feminine flair. Hey, that rhymed! Read on for the tutorial.

You can do a little or a lot of flower flair! I added my flowers just on the left because symmetry scares me, but you can customize it to suit your style. Continue reading