DIY Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

Dry shampoo has been a MUST HAVE in my daily hair care routine for the past three years. I’ve gone through countless spray cans of different brands (Psst!, Tresemme, John Frieda, Garnier, Oscar Blandi, Batiste…to name a few), spending way too much for very little product. I started to use plain old baby powder, sprinkling it directly on my roots and rubbing it in, and I found that it worked just as well or even better at giving my hair added volume and combating greasiness. I continued to do this for months until one day I was at work, and I happen to catch a glance of my hair in the mirror. It looked like I had smeared a powdered doughnut all over my head. It was even more noticeable because I had my hair up in a ponytail, a voluminous, bouncy, GRAY colored ponytail. Horrified, I vowed to figure out a way to darken the powder… and that is just what I did. Oh, and your hair will smell a little chocolatey. Yum!

THE RECIPE: Mix 3 parts cocoa powder and 1 part cornstarch and/or baby powder in a small container. I lucked out and found an old Maybelline loose face powder container, which is perfect because it sprinkles just the right amount. Depending on how dark your hair is, you may need to tweak the recipe to make it lighter or darker. To darken the mixture a little bit more, add some cinnamon to the mix. Sorry for the lack of specific measurement, but I don’t measure anything. I just go freehand! Mmmm…my hair smells like cookies.Because this container works so well, I just hold the container in my hand and sprinkle the powder directly onto my roots and rub it in with my fingers. If you don’t have a nifty container like this one, you can just take a fluffy face powder brush and dip it into the dry shampoo and dab on to your roots. Other container ideas: salt/pepper shaker, mineral powder foundation containers (like BareMinerals), powdered sugar container/shaker, empty baby powder container.

QUICK TIP: Did you know that the best way to use dry shampoo is to apply it BEFORE you actually need it? If your hair is already oily before applying it won’t work as well. Apply at your roots and rub it in right after your hair is washed and dried. It will extend the life of your style, give you volume and thickness, and it will prevent your hair from becoming oily.

Watch in HD for best quality video! If you like this post, you should check out my DIY Mineral Veil! It’s the bomb :)

6 thoughts on “DIY Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

  1. This is such a creative idea! I always have the same problem with dry shampoos because I have dark hair, so I’ll have to try this! Plus the smell sounds amazing. Great post :)

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  2. Now I want to try this! I have oily skin/hair/scalp and I hate it! I used to shower everyday to prevent anything looking oily and gross but i don’t do that anymore. I thought about buy drying shampoo to try it out but there are so many kinds and I didn’t want to buy one, have it not work and feel like I just wasted my money. I’ve used baby powder a couple times and it did work but I had to use quite a bit for it to work and the smell of it got to me after a while (plus my fiance didn’t like it too much) and I would use it after my hair was already oily so now I know to use it before it gets that way! Hopefully I can try this DIY out soon!! =)

  3. Wow UR hair is BEAUTIFUL do you curl your hair or is that natural? I’m trying to go natural I 2 have fine oily wavy hair do you use a regular shampoo if so does it dry out your hair because I can’t believe how beautiful your hair is

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