DIY: Elastic Hair Ties

Hey guys, it’s another hair DIY! I received an Alex & Isabelle hair tie in a Birchbox a few months back, and I loved it so much that I bought a few more in different colors. They are less damaging to the hair, not to mention cuter on the wrist. They are becoming increasingly popular, popping up with a glittered version at Anthropologie that sells for $12 for a pack of 5. This whole time I’ve been thinking how easy they must be to make, and I finally did some researching to figure out where I could find colorful elastic.

1. Purchase your elastics by the yard from here. The sold colors are 5/8th inch, and the glitter elastic is 3/8ths. Yeah, I know, super cheap, right? You can also search through Etsy and find some printed elastic (animal prints, damask, polka dots, tie-dyed). You are looking for “fold over elastic” or “FOE”. Most of the elastics on Etsy are sold in 5 yard increments.

2. Cut approx. 9.5 inches with sharp scissors, fold it in half shiny side out, and knot the two ends together. You could also make a bow or even double up the elastic (makes it tighter/more secure in the hair) as pictured above in the middle photo.

3. Give some to your girlfriends because you can make 4 hair bands from just one yard. I made 48 hair bands!!!! It would be fun to give these as gifts or party favors – the color combos are endless. I’m thinking sports teams colors, wedding theme colors, etc. You could also make headbands, too!


33 thoughts on “DIY: Elastic Hair Ties

    • She’s going to look so cute in those!!! We are headed there next week when Andrea is in town if you want them to be dlriveeed. Unless of course you want to give them to her in person and want to wait until the next time you see her. Let me know!

  1. These are so cute, and that link you posted for the elastics is amazing!! I’m going to make a mix of ponytail holders & athletic headbands. Can’t wait to try this out :)

  2. Thanks for posting! I’ve started to make headbands/accessories for my niece & have found this fold over elastic from other sites, but I love the link you put up! So thanks!

  3. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog and it’s amazing! I’m following you on bloglovin’ now! This post and the bobby pin one are my favorites. Check out my blog too please and maybe even follow me back on bloglovin’? =)


    • Hi Tanya,
      To avoid fraying edges of the FOE, make sure you use super sharp scissors. I used extremely dull kitchen shears, so mine frayed a little bit right after cutting. I’ve been wearing mine non-stop since I made them, and they haven’t frayed anymore than they did when I made them. You could also seal the ends with clear nail polish. Thank you for visiting!! xoxo

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