DIY Flower Sunglasses

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Over the summer I stumbled upon these awesome floral sunglasses featured on Vogue UK’s site. Now would I actually wear them? No, probably not. I started to see some handmade dupes on Etsy that were actually quite wearable and very cute (with a little less flower power). I got busy and fashioned my own pair, turning my old boring shades into fabulous, feminine flair. Hey, that rhymed! Read on for the tutorial.

You can do a little or a lot of flower flair! I added my flowers just on the left because symmetry scares me, but you can customize it to suit your style.You will need a pair of sunnies, some ceramic flower/rose cabochons (that is what those little flowers are called), an industrial strength adhesive like E6000, and a toothpick or pencil tip. I purchased my little cabochons on Etsy. Just do an Etsy search for “flower cabochons” and a wide variety of cute little flowers will pop up. Just make sure they are flat on the bottom so that they can easily be affixed to your shades. You could also use little fabric flowers (available at Michael’s or Joann Fabrics), but I really like the look of ceramic. It kind of reminds me of icing flowers on a cake, no?

Just a little side note for your safety: Use E6000 glue in a well ventilated area (I’m talking outside). Do NOT handle the glue directly, and wear a mask.

Using a toothpick or pencil tip, dab a small dot of adhesive onto the back of the flower. Press and hold the flower firmly to your glasses for a minute or so. Let me just tell you, that if you are thinking of using hot glue for this, don’t do it! Speaking from experience it won’t work. The flowers will deceivingly stay on for a few days until they fall off one by one like little tears falling from your disappointed face. Use E6000 to avoid this sad experience. After you finish gluing your flowers to your glasses, make sure you handle them with care. The flowers shouldn’t go anywhere, but they’re not made of stone, people – they are delicate little things.That’s pretty much it. You don’t have to do flowers either – you could use little seashells, jewels, bows, etc. Have fun and enjoy your new sunnies handmade by YOU!

16 thoughts on “DIY Flower Sunglasses

  1. dis s awesome……buh ova here in ma country a craft store i entered has refused to sell E6000 bcos of health hazards…are dere any????

    • Hi Kiki,

      As far as I know, E6000 should be safe to use in a well ventilated area. Always use a toothpick to apply and wear a mask. The chemical ingredient called Perchloroethene has caused some concern for being a potential carcinogen, but as long as the safety precautions mentioned above are in place, you should be alright. I wouldn’t use it to make earrings, or anything else where it would have prolonged touching to skin.

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