DIY Glitter Peter Pan Bib Necklace

Here is another statement necklace that is easy to create and customize yourself. I know, enough with the glitter already. I have a problem people! I can’t help myself, glitter (my BFF) makes everything better. Peter pan collars add an element of youth and sweetness to your outfit. Combined with sparkle, we’ve got it all – glam, fun, youthfulness, femininity, Neverland, Tinkerbells, etc. Let’s go! Funny side note: Joe saw this necklace laying on the bathroom counter and thought it was a bra for a baby. 

You will need felt, ribbon, Mod Podge, a paintbrush, and duh...glitter.

Draw and cut out the Peter Pan collar shape. You can also cut out another identical felt piece for gluing to the back at the very end, but I skipped that part. Mix some Mod Podge and glitter in a container and spread it on thick but smooth as possible. Let it sit for a few hours to dry. Sew or hot glue a piece of ribbon to both ends. Enjoy!!!

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