DIY: Glitter Tattoo

Temporary heart and leopard print glitter tattoos. Yes please!

Pretty cute, no? The pictures really don’t do them justice – these little tatts REALLY sparkle! I’ve been wearing them all day, and now that it is night time, I can’t stop staring at them in the light. Yep, that’s me in the grocery store parking lot, turning up my spots toward the lamp post, tilting my arm back and forth to see them twinkle. I can see this being very popular for kids/tweens/teens (or grown-ups young at heart), especially with Halloween coming up! If glitter is your thing, you NEED to try this tutorial.
You will need a pen, eyelash glue, glitter, a paint brush, a small cotton swab, baby powder, hairspray, and blow dryer (not pictured). I did not use a stencil for my tattoos, and they turned out great! Joe begrudgingly did the tattoo on my back- bless his heart (no pun intended).

Steps (no stencil):
1. Draw the design on your skin using a pen.
2. Using your fingers, smear a very light layer of baby powder all over the area (over the design and surrounding skin). The baby powder is so that the glitter doesn’t stick to the surrounding skin. If you don’t use the powder, it will be challenging (but not impossible) to remove the excess glitter. I learned the hard way – the heart & leopard tatts were done without powder, and the bow (shown below) was done with powder. The bow was sooooo much easier!
3. Take the cotton swab and wipe off the powder on the design only.
4. Take your small paint brush and paint over your design with glue. Sprinkle glitter.
5. Use a blow dryer to remove excess glitter. Once tattoo is dry, wipe off the rest of the powder and set with hairspray.

If you use a stencil, you will place your stencil on the skin, paint the glue on and sprinkle with glitter with the stencil still in place. After the glitter is on, go ahead and remove the stencil, and BAM your little sparkly tattoo is ready to shine. Looking for some super cool stencils? Click here. Spray your sparkly design with hairspray to make it last, and show it off!

Your tattoo should last for two days. Use soap, water, and a washcloth to gently rub it off. Have fun and go sparkle!

10 thoughts on “DIY: Glitter Tattoo

  1. My kids have been bugging me for the “as seen on tv” kit that makes these. I just couldn’t justify spending $30 on some glitter and glue. You have just made me the best mom ever!

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