DIY Glitter “UGG” Boots

Here I am with my glitter yet again. So I’ve had these plain brown Target “Uggs” since 2007, and they were looking a little ratty and stained. I usually don these boots for late night grocery store outings when the weather gets nippy. I’ve been seeing the new sequin Ugg boots lately, which gave me the idea to paint my poor boots happy by “glitterizing.” It was super easy, especially since I have some experience in “gliltterizing” shoes (click here for my glitter wedge tutorial).

1. Mix glitter and Mod Podge Gloss in a bowl. Just eyeball it. You want the glitter to be dense enough to cover the shoe.
2. Paint it on. I used three different colors of glitter and painted three panels each boot. It will apply hazy, but the Podge dries clear.
3. Let it dry.
4. Touch up any spots that need more glitter.

I didn’t really take any pics of the process just because I have done a few tutorials using Mod Podge and glitter already. Here are some links to previous glitter & podge posts:

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14 thoughts on “DIY Glitter “UGG” Boots

  1. do they crack? I pained mine with acrylic paint that had glitter in it and textile medium, but I want them to have more glitter like yours. also does the glitter fall off?

    • So far no cracking :) The glitter does not fall off at all as long as you use a glitter-Podge mixture. If you were to paint the boots with Podge, and then sprinkle the glitter on, I think you might have some fall-out. Good luck!! xoxoxo

  2. Hey girl! I wanna do this to my UGGS what kind of glitter and brand do you use your heels you made? I want mine SUPER Sparkly

    • Hi Jeremiah, so sorry I’m just seeing your comment now. I only use FINE glitter (really small flecks) that you can get at any craft store. Most of my glitter colors are different brands, but any fine glitter will do. Martha Stewart has a really awesome glitter collection that I want with so many colors. Good luck!!!

  3. Thank u now I will give some old uggs new life thanks to u. Love your glitter work u have great ideas to add life and fun to blah thing :)

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