DIY: Hair Chalking Tutorial

Here is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to add some vivid highlights to your hairstyle! Best of all, it’s nonpermanent, so you can just wash it right out to return your hair back to normal. You will need “soft pastels” from the craft store (not to be confused with oil pastels or normal chalk).

1. Dampen small sections of hair with water and run the pastel up and down the strand (just like “coloring” on your hair).

2. Let the strands air-dry, or you can blow-dry to speed up the process.

3. After the strands are dry, brush through your hair once, and use a curling iron or flat iron to style. This will also help to set the chalk. Now go out and show off your cool hair.

Before washing it out, brush through your hair thoroughly to remove most of the chalk. Make sure to use a deep conditioner after your shampoo to restore moisture (the chalk can be drying).┬áThat’s all there is to it! Have fun and see you soon!

11 thoughts on “DIY: Hair Chalking Tutorial

  1. I LOVE your site, and I’m especially in love with all of the hair tips. My mom is a stylist, but my hair is so fine that I feel like I can’t ever get it exactly how I want. But all of your tutorials make it so easy! Thank you so much for sharing.

    • My hair is pretty close to black, and I feel like the bright pinks, blues, and purples looked the best. It really depends on what YOU like. You could just do one color or many. The possibilities are pretty much endless, and it is so much fun! xoxo

  2. I absolutely love having color in my hair (it used to be purple!), but I’m in the military now so that’s an obvious no-no. This looks really awesome, but for lighter colored hair does it definitely wash out on the first rinse or will it take a few? Thanks so much, I LOVE your blog!! :)

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