DIY Nail Decals

Do you or someone you love have a problem with drawing designs on your nails? You are not alone. I’mĀ elated with joy as I bring you this mind-blowing tutorial on how to make your own nail decals. My nails are rocking the fleur-de-lis like no one’s business. Let me show you how easy this is to do.

You will need some craft punches like these. I found them at Michael's in the paper/scrapbooking section.

Using your polish color of choice, paint rectangles on a ziploc plastic bag making sure it is thick enough to be opaque (3-4 coats should do it). Let dry overnight.

Peel off the rectangles, and much like you would a piece of paper, insert into the craft punch and push down until your little shape pops out.

Paint your nails your desired base color and let dry. Paint a layer of clear topcoat and apply your decal (tweezers might help) on top. Let dry. Finish off with one more coat of clear topcoat, and you’re done! Whoot!!!

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