DIY Ombre French Tip Manicure Nail Tutorial

Hello! Here is a super easy nail tutorial on the ombre french tip manicure. You will see that this modern version of a classic nail look is much easier and less time consuming. I always have a difficult time getting the silly white line straight anyway. Lets face it, white nail polish is a stubborn color to work with. Nails will dry quickly because you are not using very much polish, and this method is basically fool proof. This look would be great for your wedding, no? Want to turn this into a gel nail manicure? Well that’s easy, click here for my DIY gel nail tutorial. Watch the video in HD for best quality.


8 thoughts on “DIY Ombre French Tip Manicure Nail Tutorial

  1. Hi Reese! I did this yesterday, and let me tell you, I’ve never received so many compliments on my nails! Thanks. I shared this tutorial with everyone.

  2. Omg you’re a frickin genius! It took two tries to get this right but then voila happened! I’m going to try this in lots of different shades now…and on Ninah’s nails, too! Thanks girl xoxo

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