DIY: Painted Sole Heels

Check out my Louboutin-inspired heels! I actually wanted to paint them neon yellow, but I was anxious to get it done only having red paint at home. I must admit, I’m really glad I went with red because they turned out awesome. I know Louboutin fans would not be happy with me, but well, sorry. I’m thinking that I am going to do this with all my heels now, maybe go for neon yellow or electric blue next time. It was very easy to do, and well LOOK AT THEM!!!! I’ve had these heels for years, and now they look like new shoes. You can tell I’m excited.


You will need acrylic paint, Mod Podge gloss, and a small paint brush (and of course, a shoe). Take your shoe and clean the bottom, making sure it is free from debris. Take your paint brush and apply two coats acrylic paint letting it dry in between. I DID NOT PAINT THE ENTIRE SOLE. I only painted the inside of the heel up to where I saw scuffing (see 4th photo above). So basically, only the part that does not come in contact with the ground is painted. Finish with one coat Mod Podge GLOSS to give it some sheen (the paint dries matte). Enjoy!

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