DIY: Polymer Clay Bangles

This was my first time using polymer clay, and let me warn you, it is a little addicting. I was so enthralled by the striking effect of combining colors that I built an impressive Jenga-like stack of clay bangles (about 20 high) on my desk. Some have a marbled appearance (pictured above), and others are striped like a hula-hoop.

Polymer clay typically comes in little colored squares, available at Michael’s [1]. To make your bangle like a striped hula-hoop, start by breaking off a chunk and mashing it up with your fingers to soften. Using the palm of your hands as a rolling pin, roll out the chunk on a flat surface into a worm [2]. Take a second color, roll it out into a worm, and intertwine the two worms [2 & 3]. Roll out the worm combination to smooth, and check for size by wrapping it around an old bangle [4]. Mash the two ends together to form a ring, and bake in the oven at 275 degrees for 30 minutes (or according to the clay package) (don’t bake your old bracelet). For a marbled look, mash up different color chunks together with your fingers first, then roll it out into your worm, check for size, and bake.

9 thoughts on “DIY: Polymer Clay Bangles

  1. I love just reading through your blog and looking at your pictures. So much fun, and it motivates me to make things and look better. Thank you Reese!

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