DIY: Sliced Agate Necklace

I’ve been looking for an affordable sliced agate necklace for the past year now, but I’ve found that most of them are way too pricey ($50 – $100). I just think they are beautiful, with no two that are the same. Agate has long been associated with protective and healing energies, so wearing the stone may bring you good luck. I was wandering around Joann Crafts, and I happened to stumble upon a pack of two pre-drilled sliced agate pendants for $4!!! I snatched them up quick and made two beautiful necklaces. Here’s how:You will need:
1. A pre-drilled sliced agate pendant (get it at Joann Crafts or in bulk here)
2. A barrel clasp (or any necklace clasp)
3. Three jump rings
4. A thin chain (Use an old one, or I bought 100in. and cut it to size.)

1. Paint the edge of the agate pendant with gold nail polish. (optional step, but I thought it looked cool)
2. Link one jump ring through the pre-drilled hole in the agate. You can use pliers, but I didn’t even need any – I just used my fingers to bend the ring apart and back together.
3. Take the barrel clasp and link a jump ring on each side and thread the chain through on both sides. Again, did this with my fingers- no pliers necessary. That’s pretty much it. It took five minutes to make two necklaces.

This would be such a sweet, thoughtful, and inexpensive gift to give your girlfriends, bridesmaids, etc. I spent no more than $8 for two necklaces!

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    • Yes Kristin, they had brown, purple, green, teal, blue, and pink, but the pink was sold out. Make sure you look through all of them, because they are all different in little ways. That’s what makes them so awesome :) xoxo

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