DIY Spike Headband

Having fun with my "tiara".

Hello! I made this spiked headband today, and it has a little tiara vibe going on, doesn’t it? If I can get away with wearing a tiara all day, albeit made of spikes, I’m going for it! It might even have a hint of Statue of Liberty. I probably won’t sport this head piece at work, but I would definitely rock it for the weekend. I decided to style my hair in soft waves to balance out the edginess of the spikes, and I think it looks pretty sweet. Read on for the tutorial.Supplies: a skinny headband, E6000 adhesive, and 14 metal spikes.

The headband and E6000 were purchased at Joann Fabric. I purchased my spikes online from last summer, but you can probably find some in craft stores now because the stud and spike trend has blown up in a big way. My spikes are the kind with the screw in the bottom, but I left the screw out for this project. Just make sure your spikes are flat on the bottom so they will sit nicely on the headband.

Starting in the middle and working down to one side, spread a thin layer of E6000 directly on the headband. Let it sit for 30 seconds or so to get tacky. Carefully place your spikes close together on the glue and push them down with gentle force. Starting in the middle again, spread some glue down the other side, let it get tacky, then apply the rest of your spikes. Let the headband sit out to dry for a few hours before wearing. E6000 tends to be a little messy, so have a piece of paper or tissue handy to wipe the nozzle as you spread the glue on. Only use E6000 in a well-ventilated area please (ahem, go outside). That’s pretty much it. HAVE FUN!

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