DIY Sailor Knot T-Shirt Headband Tutorial (No Sew)

There are many T-shirt headband tutorials out there, but do you really want a headband that looks like you cut the sleeve off your shirt and put it on your head? I saw an adorable multi-colored sailor knot headband at the mall, but after seeing the $18 price tag, my heart broke as I placed it right back on the rack. I dug through all my old shirts and found quite a few candidates for the new headband I was about to fashion. Advice? Pick the right T-shirt(s)! You want your shirt to be long, stretchy, and, if you are like me, colorful. I made quite a few of these – one for everyday of the week. Hope you enjoy! Watch the video in HD. 


10 thoughts on “DIY Sailor Knot T-Shirt Headband Tutorial (No Sew)

  1. Love the headbands!! Looking forward to doing this today! I have a question. You started by cutting 8 strips in the t-shirt and then used 4 for the headband. Did I miss a step when you separated them or did we cut 8 strips so we can make 2 headbands?

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