DIY: The Statement Pillow

I had a few people asking me about the 20 X 20 “Go To The Gym” felt pillow on my bed in the sausage ponytail tutorial video, and I am proud to say that it was made by yours truly! I saw a similar pillow on Etsy that was $100, and I was determined to copy it. My broken sewing machine has been stuffed away in a closet somewhere for years, so I stitched the whole darn thing by hand. It was actually easier that I thought, only taking a couple hours. I ended up making the “let’s make out” pillow the next day with the leftover felt.

To follow the same basic pillow tutorial that I used, click here. To make the letters, I cut them out of paper first, then I placed the paper letters wrong-side-up on the felt and traced around them with a sharpie. That way when you cut them out, the marker will be on the underside of the felt letter. I hand sewed the letters onto the pillow, but you could easily just glue them on with fabric adhesive. If you have an old throw pillow that you no longer use, you could just cover it, or take the filling out to stuff your new cool pillow. Have fun!

3 thoughts on “DIY: The Statement Pillow

  1. That’s really cute. I’ve made throw pillows before, but I love the fact that you can basically put any message you want on it. Will try soon.

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