Elizabeth Grant The Socializer Z.I.T. Zapper Review

So let’s talk about acne, shall we? My friend Acne has seen me through middle school (we met in 6th grade), high school (we were pretty much inseparable), college (we were the on-again off-again couple), and adulthood (yes we are STILL together, although a less volatile relationship). I was given the opportunity to test out Elizabeth Grant’s The Socializer Z.I.T. Zapper, a unique spot treatment that was able to vanish my stubborn blemishes. 

Before bed you apply a thin layer of gel on the blemish using the spatula applicator. In the morning – now here’s the fun part – you get to peel it off (it comes off in one piece)! I can’t even begin to tell you how weirdly satisfying this is. I had two large, sore, inflamed blemishes and a few tiny ones on the first night of trying this product. The next morning, the tiny ones were GONE, and the larger ones were significantly smaller with no redness. My skin was noticeably smoother. Within three days, the big ones were completely gone.

I took this product with me on my holiday trip to the in-laws, and it was a life saver. All the stress, unhealthy food, and it being “that time of the month” was a challenge on my skin. The Z.I.T. Zapper ($22) worked for me, and I have been telling everyone about it! Available at http://elizabethgrant.com.

14 thoughts on “Elizabeth Grant The Socializer Z.I.T. Zapper Review

  1. Looks like an interesting product to try. I get breakouts every now and then, and I need something to get rid of them fast. Thanks for the review.

    • HA! My skin has been problematic since I can remember. Odd to say, but I’ve learned so much from having problem skin. I’ve learned about makeup, skincare, and most of all, I’ve learned how to still be confident even when my skin doesn’t look so great.

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