High Heel Tips and Tricks

Do you guys remember the Friends episode where Monica buys these really expensive, yet fabulous boots, telling Chandler that she is going to wear them all the time, but it turns out she can’t because they are killing her, one toe at a time? She can no longer bear the pain so she takes them off and has Chandler carry her all the way home from an office party. That episode spoke to me and millions of women who suffer from the pain of fabulous shoes. To help avoid this scenario, I’ve compiled a little list of tips and tricks for making your heels more comfortable.

1. Make sure your shoes fit right! Take your time when trying them on, making sure you can stand and walk on hard floor. If they are hurting within the first 5 minutes, then obviously that pair is not right for you. Stop obsessing over all those compliments that you would receive and just put them down and back away.

2. Go for a rounded toe, platform shoe with a chunky heel or wedge. These shoes are going to be more feet-friendly than a pointy-toed stiletto.

3. Moisturize your feet well before putting them on.

4. You can also try rubbing anti-perspirant on your feet to combat sweat, which may cause those nasty friction blisters.

5. Tape your 3rd and 4th toes together with medical tape. What? Yep. Learned this one from the TODAY show.

6. Practice standing and walking in them around the house for 30 minutes at a time at least a week before you have to wear them out. Vacuuming in your heels is a great way to multi-task this one.

7. If they are new shoes, you may want to scuff up the bottoms to create more traction if they seem slippery or buy traction pads to stick on. Hairspray on the bottom can also help with creating a tacky surface that grips better.

8. Use inserts and/or moleskin to pad the insides. They have so many options to choose from now. Quick shout out to Dr. Scholls for Her!

9. Don’t sit down all night. As you sit, your feet will adjust back to normal, then when you finally stand up, your heels will be unbearable.

10. Bring bandaids and flats with you just in case.

11. Take an Advil or Tylenol if all else fails.

12. After you finally take those torture devices off, give your tootsies a nice warm epsom salt soak and wear some toe separators (like YogaToes) to help stretch, relax, and realign foot structure.

That’s all I got ladies. Go forth and flaunt your fabulous shoes with grace and confidence, and I’ll see you soon!

10 thoughts on “High Heel Tips and Tricks

  1. These are really great tips. I have to wear high heels to my new job, so I’ve been searching for advice on how to make them less painful. Thank you!!!

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