Ipsy Glam Bag May 2013

Gosh! Another month has flown by in a flash. It’s time to show-n-tell my “Spring Fling” Ipsy Glam Bag for May. This one might just be the best one yet. It has a $50 value for cryin’ out loud! No duds in the bag for me – I’m in beauty product heaven. Watch the video in HD for best quality. I’m “super excited” about a bajillion times.

10 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag May 2013

  1. WOW! Okay that is much better than Birchbox. I was on the fence about signing up. This just did me in. Thanks for the post.

  2. I got completely different products, except for the concealer. I got a BIG sample bottle of St Tropez self-tanner, a full size organic lip gloss in a gorgeous rosy color, a full size Zoya polish, but in a very pale gold, and a Nume hair oil. Thrilled with this bag, too! :) Thinking about canceling my Birchbox, it’s been kinda awful lately :/

    • Oooohhh! Sounds like you received some great products also! Love it! I canceled my Birchbox last summer…haven’t looked back. Thanks for filling me in on what you got in your glam bag!! xoxoxox

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