NOTD: The Butterfly Effect

Even though it’s not perfect, this is probably my favorite NOTD so far. I’ve seen this done with longer nails, but I think it looks cute on my super short nails too. I took my sweet time using a tiny paint brush and a pencil tip dipped in nail polish. I’m going to be sad when I have to wipe these butterfly wings off!

6 thoughts on “NOTD: The Butterfly Effect

  1. Gorg! Hey what do you think about the wet n wild nail polishes? I love the price, but wasn’t sure if they were good quality or not.

    • I love them!!! I bought a bunch from walgreens when they were BOGO free. They usually retail for 1.99. The curved brush is ideal because you only have to do one or two swipes per nail. Now I don’t keep my polish on for more than three days so I’m not sure how long lasting it is, but for 3 days it is fine with a top coat.

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