DIY Heart Print Pattern Dress

Hey girl, whatcha doin’? Hey girl, where you goin’? Who’s that girl? Who’s that girl? It’s me, knockin’ off Zooey Deschanel’s red heart print dress. The adorable New Girl wore an adorable red dress with adorable white hearts during her SNL monologue last year. Well, I also have an adorable little red dress from H&M, but it was missing something….those little white hearts! So I went to the craft store, bought some white fabric paint, and went to town on my little red dress. It was a success, and I’m going to share with you how to do it! You can paint those hearts anywhere- dresses, jeans, shirts, whatever floats your boat!

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Garnier Olia Hair Color Review

Hello! This morning I decided it was time to eliminate those pesky little gray hairs of mine and make a change from a subtle ombre to solid color. I’ve been sporting a modified ombre since November, meaning that I lightened my tips to a caramel shade, but only on the underneath panel of my hair. I enjoyed the look, but I’m ready for a little change back to normal. I decided to give Garnier’s new oil-based hair color a try in 4.3 Dark Golden Brown. Continue reading

Ipsy Glam Bag March 2013

Oh my word, is it March already? Here is the low-down on Ipsy’s “The Great Escape” Glam Bag for March 2013. LA Fresh Travel-lite Makeup Remover Wipes: 8 moisturizing wipes that dissolve face and eye makeup. Beware of parabens in the ingredients.
Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist: Yipee, it’s an organic hydrating spray to tone and refresh your skin.
Glam Rx Mini Freestyle Palette: Mirror compact with a magnetic strip to house your eyeshadows. You could also stash your bobby/safety pins in there!
Yaby Eyeshadows in So Vein and Sand Dune: Beautiful beachy shades that click right into your new palette!

These products are tucked away in an adorable nautical themed cosmetic bag. I really love this month’s products – they are making me so excited for warm weather! For more information on Ipsy click here. Speaking of Ipsy, did you watch the Bachelor finale last night?! I know, nice segway. I’ll admit, I was glued to the TV for THREE entire hours. I was routing for Catherine, so I’m thrilled, although I liked Lindsey also. Is it sad that I can’t wait to watch their fairy tale, over-the-top-because-ABC-is-paying-for-it TV wedding? Did you hear, Sean is going to be on Dancing with the Stars? Oh man, that says Jake Pavelka all over it. Smart move? We shall see.

DIY Nail Decals

Do you or someone you love have a problem with drawing designs on your nails? You are not alone. I’m elated with joy as I bring you this mind-blowing tutorial on how to make your own nail decals. My nails are rocking the fleur-de-lis like no one’s business. Let me show you how easy this is to do. Continue reading

Lately…On My Plate

1/2 medium cucumber, grape tomatoes, 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese, 1/2 Haas avocado, black pepper, dill

Hi peeps! I’ve been obsessed with this simple, nutrient-rich salad lately. That, and I may have a little avocado addiction (avocados = nature’s butter). It doesn’t take much preparation, just the ability to use a knife and spoon, which is ideal for me because I have the culinary skills of a 9-year-old. At least I can make it look pretty on the plate. I probably don’t need to tell you about the health benefits of avocados, but in case you were wondering, click here. Bon appetit!

Sharpie Nail Art

Psssst! Did you know that you can use a Sharpie permanent marker to jazz up your nails? I love using metallic Sharpies to create different patterns, and they show up against dark polish colors. French tips, chevrons, dots, and hearts just got a whole lot easier. Apply your base coat of polish and let dry. Draw your design using your Sharpie and LET DRY COMPLETELY. Seal with a clear top coat. You’re welcome. Spread the word.

Ipsy Glam Bag February 2013

It’s time to get “Red Carpet Ready” with Ipsy’s official February 2013 Glam Bag! Let’s cut to the chase and see what’s inside.

Lash Cards: Pretty much useless for me. They give you 4 individually wrapped cards (2 small and 2 large). I don’t see why you just can’t use a business card or a plastic spoon.
Coastal Scents eyeshadows: I received the “Glitz & Glamour” set which includes the shades Candlelight, Gunmetal, Incognito, and Ashen. Love these! I have the metallic Coast Scents palette already, and these shadows are high quality.
Pop Beauty Smokey Lash Kapow Mascara in Smokey Black: Great mascara, but I only wear waterproof. This mascara will smudge and run on me. Going to give away to a friend with non-oily skin.
Micabeauty Gel Eyeliner: You really can’t go wrong with gel liner like this. This is full-sized, and did you know that it retails for $30?
Pixi Flawless and Poreless primer: Not bad. Makeup looks smooth and flawless and lasts all day.

Not a bad bag, although not as good as January. You can’t expect to like everything. I’m still very pleased with my subscription so far. For more information on Ipsy click here.

Valentine’s Day Heart Nails

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Hearts are going to be pretty much everywhere this week, and fingernails are no exception. I managed to successfully form tiny red hearts with the help of a dull pencil tip and some patience. I’ll admit, my right hand does not look as good as my left one, and I had to settle for a red blob on my right pinky nail that looks more like a drop of blood than anything else. Oh well, it’s always the non-dominant hand that counts! I used 925 Gold Coin from Revlon and from my January Ipsy glam bag, Nailtini’s Bloody Mary. Wishing you all a wonderful Love Day this week!

DIY Spike Headband

Having fun with my "tiara".

Hello! I made this spiked headband today, and it has a little tiara vibe going on, doesn’t it? If I can get away with wearing a tiara all day, albeit made of spikes, I’m going for it! It might even have a hint of Statue of Liberty. I probably won’t sport this head piece at work, but I would definitely rock it for the weekend. I decided to style my hair in soft waves to balance out the edginess of the spikes, and I think it looks pretty sweet. Read on for the tutorial. Continue reading

DIY Beaded Elastic Hair Ties

I posted an elastic hair tie tutorial back in August, but I decided to glam them up a little by adding large hole beads. I found these inexpensive Pandora-like beads at Joann Fabric in the jewelry supply section. The hole is large enough to thread your fold over elastic right on through! Cut your elastic to 9.5 inches long, string the bead on, fold the elastic in half, and knot at the end. This would be really cute for an elastic headband also, no? To see my original DIY elastic hair tie tutorial click here. To purchase elastic by the yard click here.

Revlon Nail Enamel in Heavenly & Girly

Introducing Revlon’s newest glittery nail colors, 770 Heavenly and 260 Girly. Aren’t they such pretty little bottles? Revlon nail enamels are affordable with great quality, and best of all, they are coming out with the most creative concoctions! Heavenly is full of tiny opalescent square and hexagonal glitter pieces with a clear jelly-like base. Girly has a sheer pink-purple base with fuschia, indigo, and peachy-pink glitter specks (some big and some tiny).

I used about three coats of polish in both pictures. They are beautiful colors on their own, but I’m sure they would look amazing layered on top of other colors too! Enjoy your Sunday funday, and I’ll see you soon.

High Heel Tips and Tricks

Do you guys remember the Friends episode where Monica buys these really expensive, yet fabulous boots, telling Chandler that she is going to wear them all the time, but it turns out she can’t because they are killing her, one toe at a time? She can no longer bear the pain so she takes them off and has Chandler carry her all the way home from an office party. That episode spoke to me and millions of women who suffer from the pain of fabulous shoes. To help avoid this scenario, I’ve compiled a little list of tips and tricks for making your heels more comfortable. Continue reading