She Bangs, She Bangs!

Hi! Yes I’m still alive! A few weeks ago I was up late staring at my large forehead, and I thought, “Hmmmm. I think I will wash the painful year and a half process of growing my bangs out down the drain.” I picked up the scissors and started chopping away at my hair, first starting with longer side swept bangs. The next night I felt this force compelling me to my scissors once again. Blunt bangs again for this girl. Snip, snip here and a snip, snip there. I posted these pics on Instagram – the first, right after the incident and the second yesterday with hair curled, cat headband in place. I’m beginning to really like this big change. They get pinned up when I’m working out or when I don’t have time to fuss with them, and it is nice to be able to switch your look around whenever you want. So far friend and family reviews have been positive. Thinking about bangs? I say go for it!

5 thoughts on “She Bangs, She Bangs!

  1. Reese I just love your personality, it comes through in your posts. You need to do my hair, I’m so bad with it. Yours always looks so cute.

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