The Holiday Card 2012

Yesterday Joe and I attempted to take a picture of ourselves to use for our holiday card. I’ve been scrolling through so many of my friends’ family photos on FB that I was inspired to actually send out a holiday card this year. All these photos I’ve been seeing have been from professional photo shoots where the family is out sitting in the middle of the wilderness having a picnic in their best outfits – some of the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever seen. While we can’t compete with adorable babies and toddlers, I thought we could at least try for a decent photo where I am not in workout attire or scrubs and Joe has showered and brushed his hair. The last time we sent out a card was 2007, right after our wedding when I wanted to show off our wedding picture. It is important to send out this card to remind our family and friends that we are still alive and happy together five years later, but I wanted to take the photo ourselves using our own camera and tripod. Something so simple turned out to be incredibly frustrating, but we were successful!

It took a long time! Notice it is light outside and then dark. Those big old lights were hot, too. We tried to add Bun and Kitty, but they were unsurprisingly uncooperative, especially the cat who showed us her sassiest attitude that night. You can't tell, but it was also raining the whole time, and we were thinking about this headline, "Couple and Pets Entangled in Xmas Lights Found Fatally Electrocuted at Their Home." Thankfully we survived, picking the picture below as the winner.

DISCLAIMER: It is not recommended to wrap people/animals up in electrical cords. Safety precautions must be in order before attempting to do this. OK? Bye!

7 thoughts on “The Holiday Card 2012

    • Thanks!!! Yes those lights were hidden in my parents’ house, probably from 1980. I was surprised that they still worked! xoxo

      • Please see the disclaimer under the photo though- it is not recommended to wrap people or animals in electrical cords. Safety precautions must be taken before doing this.

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